Harvest One : June 30 & July 2

 your Veggie CSA crate this week

full crate June 30 2015

In Your Crate

swiss chardJune 20, 2012 swiss chard in field

toscano kaletoscano/lacinato/dinosaur leaf kale July 2014

garlic scapesgarlic scapes, June 2014

head lettucelook at those beautiful heads of lettuce!

salad mixsalad mix, week one 2015

snap or snow peassnow peas, week one 2015Image result for snow peas

one share crate June 30 2015another share crate June 30 2015

Share Crates

extras of everything!

shouldn’t Lucky’s profile be on a coin or bill?

a bit of a wet dog day

Yesterday was a bit of a wet dog day. We got wet just once more than once. The overcast skies were a perfect opening day for our harvests, allowing us some extra time to focus on getting up to speed with all the different steps of the harvest days. Overall, we are very pleased with this first offering. We are also very thankful for all the generous praise and “ewwww’s” and “ahhhh’s” we heard when many of you unpacked your crates at the delivery site in Mt Pleasant!

We had good helping hands yesterday, for which we are also very thankful and glad!

Kate, picking June 30 2015Ila, toting kale

Allma, picking peas, week one 2015Tony loading crates June 30 2015

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