Harvest Three: July 14 & July 16, 2015


full share crate 7-14-15

In Your Crate

toscano kale

garlic scapes

head lettuce

baby kale

salad mix


full share crates only: swiss chard, kohlrabi, chinese cabbage, summer squash, kohlrabi!

share crates 7-14-15

broccoli! cukes! summer squash, toscano kale,head lettuce, chinese cabbage

Very, very late Monday into Tuesday we had a fantastic rain storm. We received just over one inch in very steady downpours. This heavy of a downpour, right before our harvests, causes quite the “splashing” of soil (especially our sandiest soils) onto our produce. The small leafy greens get the brunt of the splash. They’re low to the ground and also broad and leafy to “catch” a lot.

Very, very early Tuesday morning we lost all power at our house. Which for us, with a well, means we also lose water. Very, very suddenly our dependence on electricity becomes very, very obvious!

Tony and I began harvesting as usual, hoping the power (and our water) would be restored shortly. By 10am, or so, it was! So we proceeded to tank much of the produce. Tanking helps rinse the produce, also keeps it cool. When the leafy greens (which are not always green!) are quite soiled, we will rinse and re-tank them several times.

Unfortunately, at 2:30 pm we lost power again. The salad mix was still in its second rinse, still quite soiled, and soaked. Without power we couldn’t rinse it again, nor could we spin it dry…  (Remember: Very, very suddenly our dependence on electricity becomes very, very obvious!)

So, Tuesdays salad mix is quite wet and quite soiled yet. I apologize. We did what we could. By 2:30, w/o power, we needed to proceed forward with getting your crates packed… We couldn’t come up with much of a solution to our no power situation on such short notice.

I recommend this link:

Your Salad Spinner to the Rescue!

"salad spinner"

just a couple great pic’s from this week’s harvests

washing summer squash

broccoli in Tony's hand

a few reminders:

the success of the scholarship share!

Save the Date: Garlic Harvest Party!

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if possible, please bag your produce

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the Share Crate

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some July farm photos

some of Tony’s pictures of the farm

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