Save the Date: Garlic Harvest Party!

Garlic Harvest Party! Saturday the 8th of August, 2015!

Swier Family Farm

It’s a Foodie-Fest;

a Work Bee

& a Potluck!


11th Annual

Swier Family Farm

Garlic Harvest Party


Saturday 8th August

9am – 5pm (or until done!)

potluck around 1pm, or so

“Our families so glad you let us

be a part of this!”


kids garlic harvest party 2014

“wow – now that was a party!”


harvesters garlic 2014

It’s good to work really hard…

now and again.”

(mark b)

garlic "neckers" 2014

“I’ve never been part

of such a big group effort.

This was so neat….

I looked around,

there was so much going on…

Everyone doing something,

how could I not help!”


“We need to make a cookbook:

the 10th annual

garlic harvest party



“We need to do this more than once per year!”

(mark w)

(Come rain, come shine, come hot, come cold…. We’ve got plenty of large, covered shelters from the rains and the shines; nice places to take…

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