Harvest Four: July 21 & July 23, 2015

full share, July 23, 2015

In Your Crate


summer squash including zucchini


salad mix

baby kale

full shares only: cabbage, peas, basil, head lettuce

many share crates, July 21+23rd, 2015

Share Crates

head lettuce, basil, toscano kale, swiss chard, radishes

a Few Friendly Reminders

Save the Date: Garlic Harvest Party!

some July farm photos

some of Tony’s pictures of the farm

This week some nice, steady warm temps have pushed very significant growth all around the farm (including the weeds, of course!). We’ve had decent rains, though in today’s heat we did notice that baby kale and salad mix were a bit droopy. These are in very sandy soils.  (I’ll drip irrigate these tonight. I prefer watering late in the evening (or early morning). These being cooler times of the day, the water penetrates well, the plants are also cool enough and receptive to drinking the water up! In this way we get the water to where it’s needed, with little loss.

Tony and I spent a good portion of this morning trellising tomatoes.

trellised tomato 7-8-15

which often blackens your hands something like this

Tony's tomato trellising fingers 7-8-15

It’s a very heavy stain. It persists even with very thorough, repeated washing. Even with a heavy soap. Especially in the wrinkles of my hands. I’ve been asked, “Are you a mechanic?”

This afternoon we spent a good portion of our time hand weeding with our hula-hoes. We’re trying to get the weeds knocked back again. The recent heat and rains have pushed these opportunistic weeds to grow like crazy. It seems that the slightest addition of heat, or water, just really rockets the weeds along. Very opportunistic.

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