Harvest Five: July 28 & July 30, 2015

In Your Crate

(many of these are hyperlinked, click on the item to see more details)

green beans


salad mix


toscano kale

swiss chard

baby kale

summer squash including zucchini



cilantro, 2010

full shares only: kohlrabi

Share Crates: Peas, Broccoli, Summer Squashes, Cukes, Toscano Kale, Swiss Chard, Head Cabbage, Kohlrabi

This week the full share crates were sooo packed full, we had to deliver the head cabbage separately to make it all fit for you! Summer is happening! The hot, dog days of summer have hit!

hot dog days of summer

I’ve been starting most days one hour earlier, trying to beat some of the heat, trying to get it all done. The garden is really popping with this added warmth (the night’s warmth really helps the plants grow too). We’re seeing some absolutely fantastic broccoli rolling in. Just gorgeous, massive heads – so fresh, so delicious, downright awesome! The summer squashes are currently proving hard to keep up with – they’re producing so much, so fast, and growing many inches each day! Crazy growth! (Kate’s got some great ideas to freeze your “excess” summer squash now, to eat later! (Click on the hyperlinked “summer squash” above).

My goal to at least be able to change out of my day’s work clothes, to put on some fresh duds before delivering to you often remains elusive. Fortunately, most days the clothes aren’t quite as bad as the photo below.

work clothes worked!

We’re ready for some rain… do hope some falls soon!

storage cabbages, oct 2012

(from Cassie Z.) I have a recipe for you! This is a favorite of ours. Sauté one cabbage with one onion, add chopped chicken-apple sausage and cooked whole grain pasta, sprinkle with Parmesan. When I make this I never have leftovers!

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