Scholarship Share Update

thank you!

We’ve received $185.00 to date!

All going directly to additional scholarship shares!

thank you!

Your generous contributions have allowed us to help underwrite a portion of an additional half share! (All donors wished to remain anonymous, by the way.)

The recipient of this scholarship half share has expressed tremendous gratitude to you for your generosity. The recipient was awestruck!

(By the way, if we receive more funds for the scholarship share now or in the future, we will simply refund the recipient toward their contribution. In addition, Kate and I have sponsored an additional 1.5 scholarship shares for this season).

Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world”.  Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

full share harvest crate Thursday 29 August 2013

Since our start in 2003 we have quietly provided scholarship shares (CSA shares underwritten by the financial support of others). Up to this point Kate and I have, ourselves, underwritten 1.5 shares per season. We will continue this, in addition to your contributions.

In conversations with many of you, we’ve wondered aloud how to get more of our food to the wider world; i.e. to those who want it, will utilize it, but are short on funds. Turns out, there is a great willingness to help underwrite scholarship shares. (Of course! We have an incredible, inspiring, generous collection of people in our CSA community.)

So this year we decided to formalize the process and open it up to you. This is a very direct, immediate, local method of reaching out. You have helped provide the freshest and most nutrient dense foods available.

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