try, try, try again : or, eating habits

After me repeatedly singing the praises of the poona khera cucumbers, year after year, I ate one last week that was just downright bitter. I mean badly bitter, through and through. (The very hot, very dry weather can, and did, really cause the cukes to go bitter. There’s no way to tell its bitter until you bite into it. This week I’ve sampled three or four cukes, all good.)
I was reminded of “try, try again…” Just the idea to give the foods more than just one chance. That one poona khera was bitter, many many others were not.

Swier Family Farm

My Uncle Pat has a great blueberry patch.


He suggests, “Always eat at least three blueberries at a time.”


Why, Uncle Pat, Why?

Well, his sister, my mother, explains it something like this: You gotta give those blueberries a chance. Mix ’em up, one with another. Don’t judge the blueberries by any one blueberry. Eat at least three at a pop, they’re better that way.

well, somewhat within that line of thinking, sort of:

Many of you are motivated to (re-) join our CSA because:

“We want to eat better.

We want to eat more Veggies.

We want to eat more healthy.”


 we gotta get those veggies in your mouth,

in your stomach,

and win the bellies, hearts and minds of your families too.


that’s a seriously tall order.

yes, indeed.

One exciting story I’d like to share from this season: One family we’ve known, who…

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