An Awesome Garlic Harvest Party!

thank you!

What an absolutely fantastic community event! We want to send the warmest thank you to the many who came, shared, worked, ate, visited, laughed, marveled, talked, learned, enjoyed, met new friends, played, and more…. This was just such a great day to share with many of you, and we are very touched by your generosity and willingness!

What a delightful, generous, interesting, joyous and hard-working bunch! We so appreciate the hearty out-pouring of effort, sharing, visiting, working, and just all-around group effort of a great time! What a pleasant and aromatic day! Again, a sincere thank you.

thank you!

(We had two photographers, both of whom concentrated on the work effort mostly. Any body have any other photos we could share, please do send them along. Also, please excuse my inability and/or ineptitude in “tagging” the photos (with a Facebook business account this is difficult and or impossible.). Please share the photos with your friends in the photos… thanks!)

to see a photo album of the day, click right about here

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