Harvest Nine: August 25 & 27, 2015 (& introducing Tom!)

sunnies, 8-25-2015

In Your Crate


green beans

salad mix


summer squash including zucchini





toscano kale


full crates only: eggplant, broccoli

sunflowers 8-25-2015

Introducing Tom!

Tom 8-25-2015

Tom’s been lending us a great, tremendously helpful hand this season. He’s been a very welcome addition to our small farm: very cheerful, very calm, working hard…

He started out early this season working a lot with the seedlings in the hoophouse.

He’s now been lending a steady hand helping to sort, bag the loose leaves, and pack your crates.

Amongst many other things, he’s helped find room in your crates to situate the BIG kohlrabi. (He doesn’t want those biggies to crush the other veggies!)

Tom & kohlrabi!

Thank You Tom, for helping us get it all done, and for your enjoyable presence too!

(here’s Tom, surveying his handy work!)

Tom surveying his handy work!

We’ve been rolling with the season, ready or not! The warm season crops are really popping and picking up pace (basil, peppers, tomatoes). The last two weeks have been a preview of the deluge to happen soon!Eggplant has remained thin, in part, I s’pose to a very rocky start. We had painful and debilitating quantities of Colorado Potato Beetles nail them in three or four near knock-out rounds. This really set the plants back, way back. We also re-planted about 30-some plants altogether. We have 560 row feet of eggplant plants – but where are the eggplants to eat!? Hopefully we’ll see the flowers on the plants develop into delicious eggplant for you.

On the other hand, we are wrapping up early, unfortunately, with the cukes and the summer squash. These will be slipping out of the usual rotation shortly.

We’ve continued the process of successional plantings. This has proceeded a bit slower than I would’ve liked as we’ve been tight on available space. I am only planting in our back, fenced garden… the deer are too dangerous outside the fence right now. I had one large garden plot opened and prepared for planting this season, and it’s been chocked and stuffed full! We’ve had to wait (patiently) for beds to finish up before we can plant more. (Next season I’ll need to prepare and open more ground inside that fence.)

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