Harvest 10 : September 1st & 3rd, 2015

a full share this week

full share Sept 1st 2015

In Your Crate


green beans




toscano kale




full crates only: melon, swiss chard

share crate: all of the above, except melons

a share crate from this week

a share crate Sept 1, 2015

We’ve had some exceptional heat and humidity this week. You should feel the temp’s in the hoophouses! Wow! (Last week we were adding a layer, shivering some from the early morning dampness…. This week we’re feeling the heat index!) We’re glad for the very summer-like temp’s this week, very glad! (Though I was also glad for the cooling trend last week… it’s all weather!)

I’ve been watering regularly, helping to boost the plant’s ability to make use of this heat and keep on growing (or maturing). It had also been somewhat dry for us in our back sands garden. So, been adding some moisture to help pull these plants through the heat streak. And now we’re getting some good natural rains and lots of humidity.

click here to see some August farm photos

click here to see some September farm photos

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