Edamame: Recipes, Usage, Enjoy!


edamame, ready for you! late Aug 2012

Edamame is a traditional Japanese vegetable. Edamame is a nutritious and tasty vegetable or snack food with a sweet, nutty flavor. This nutritious bean is great tasting and good for you. Edamame contains about 38% protein, and a one-half cup serving contributes 11 grams of
protein towards the average adult requirement of 46-63 grams per day. Edamame is also rich in calcium and vitamin A.
Edamame does not have edible pods; only the beans are eaten. It can substitute for green peas or lima beans in any recipe. In China, the shelled beans are stir-fried with other ingredients. In Japan, pods are boiled in salted water and the beans are squeezed from the pod directly into
the mouth, and the pods are discarded.
Many Asian customers expect to purchase pods on the stem; keeping pods on the stem maintains freshness, flavor, and quality. When pods are left on the plant, beans retain sugars for several days, and quality remains high. (SOURCE)
edamame with leaves on yet 8-8-15How to Prep, How to Eat Edamame:
Boil edamame in heavily salted water, 10 minutes. Hold the pod in your hand, put it in your mouth, and pop the beans out of the pod by pulling the pod through your slightly clenched teeth. Eat like peanuts! They’ll go quickly!
Cooked, shelled  soybeans may also be added to other dishes, such as salads, stir-fries, soups, and rice or seafood dishes. (Asparagus to Zucchini. MACSAC.)

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