Harvest Twelve : September 15 & 17, 2015

harvesting for you! 2015

a full share crate, watermelon aside!

full share crate 9-15-15, watermelon aside!

In Your Crate





toscano kale


BIG Kohlrabi


full shares only: cabbage

share crate: all of the above, plus broccoli

9-15-15 share crate

some of the yellow fleshed watermelons you’ve been enjoying!


Well, Saturday into Sunday we experienced our first damaging “frost”. The official weather reported a temperature of 39 degrees. How cold was it actually? I don’t exactly know, honestly. Though it was “frosty” enough to damage our basil. We worked around the worst damage. Hope you enjoy!

 Basil is a bit of a delicate doll. It is super susceptible to wind, hail, and cold damage. Also rough handling. It’s appearance suffers from any of those challenges. Then it doesn’t want to store very well nor very long in your fridge. It’s finicky.

but so tasty!


Basil is the “canary in a coal mine”, our garden plant most prone to the cold. It’ll show cold stress first. Anything near a sustained frost will kill it outright. Cool nights are challenging for the basil. Cold nights are killing.

So Saturday into Sunday it gets awfully cool. Then, yesterday, as I’m driving into Mt. Pleasant, the gauge at the bank reads 88 degrees! Yesterday was a warm one, very sunny, very beautiful. (We’ll take it!).

Tony and I continue to plant out for fall harvests…. It’s getting late in the season, but we plant and plant and plant! (Hoping for a long, mild fall!)

transplanting out fro fall 2015


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