Garlic? Garlic!

working farm

since 2003

We’ve been growing garlic since 2003. We’ve done a lot of sorting, selecting, examining, handling, planting, harvesting, cleaning, breaking, and EATING of garlic. YUM!

here’s Tony and Tom cleaning garlic for you

Tony and Tom, cleaning garlic for you!

We break about 250 pounds of garlic into cloves for planting each fall. We’ve found that leaving the “garlic necks” somewhat longer really facilitates the breaking of the garlic into cloves (whether for planting or for your kitchen prep). You just get a little more leverage to pop the head into it’s cloves. It’s easier that way!

garlic dec 2013

Most people tell me they want large cloves. Why? Less peeling! More clove inside less wrapper. It’s just easier that way. Below you’ll find many examples of our garlic in cloves. The unwrapped cloves are from some of the mincing I’ve done with garlic. The wrapped cloves are from some of the garlic cloves I’ve used for planting. Yep, the clove you eat is the same as the clove I plant for seed!

peeled garlic cloves

loose clove garlic, march 2014

the ends of the garlic are very blunt because I trimmed them clean with a knife

peeled to the clove garlic

loose clove garlic for sale, spring 2014

We sell two grades of garlic: field select and premium.

field select garlic, averages about 16 heads per pound:

swier family farm garlic

premium garlic, averages about 12 heads per pound:

cured garlic - ready for you!

Though the heads may differ in size, tends to be both grades have nice, large, plump cloves. The pic’s of all the cloves above are very representative of either grade: field select or premium.

Now’s your time to stock up and purchase some!

Order up! I’ll be bringing extra bagged garlic to drop-off’s!

(As a reference point, what you’ve received in your CSA crate has varied between 1/4 and 1/2 pound per week)

Premium : $9.00 per pound

This garlic has been hand-selected, sorted and cleaned. The bulbs and cloves are large, gorgeous, and delicious. Averaging 12 heads per pound.

Field Select : $7.00 per pound

These heads are smaller – All else is equal! Averaging 16 heads per pound.

My parents have ideal garlic storage conditions right in their kitchen. They have last year’s garlic still sound, solid, and tasty on their counter! Another friend stored her garlic in a plastic bag , in the crisper drawer of the refrigerator for 9 months.

We spend some time and make a big batch of minced garlic all at once. (The only forewarning about this technique : you will find that you and your family eat more garlic than ever, because it’s so easy to use!)

To Mince Garlic

Peel the individual garlic cloves. Add cloves and begin grinding in your food processor. Watch closely, add only enough olive oil to allow the slurry to grind. Scoop the garlic out into small glass canning jars. Fill them up good and high. Top off with another little pour of olive oil. Screw on the caps. Place one jar in the fridge, for use. All others, freeze until the jar in the fridge is gone and you need more. (Frozen, the garlic has kept well, well over one year.) Take out one jar at a time. (Call me if you need more garlic for the next batch!)

cured garlic - ready for you!

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