Produce (still) For Sale to You!

we’ve got produce available around town!

(ask for it by name!)

find our produce at Greentree!

and at Hometown Health Foods!

garlic for sale to you

assorted squashes for sale to you

carrots for sale to you

brussels sprouts fall 2012

toscano kale in tank

red leaf lettuce

romaine head lettuce

a few friendly reminders

2015 CSA survey

pastured pork for sale to you!

November Farm Photos

Tony’s Farm Photos


Harvesting this time of year can sometimes be a wet, chilly time.

As Liz Busch said so memorably,

“There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing choices!”

(some days are easier to agree with that than others!)

rain suit to the rescue

I’m needing a new rain suit. All of the snaps have snapped their final time. The knees of the rain bibs are worn through, so water and wetness do find their way in.

Kate scratches her head and teases,

“oh really, already?, after only 15 years you need a new rain suit?”

I guess I do have high (unrealistic?) expectations of most material goods.

The irrigation is mostly cleaned up and out

dragging irrigation lines

The garlic is planted, looks much like this 2012 photo

garlic planted in ground, oct 2012

just a bit of garlic mulching to finish up though

spring time garlic under heavy mulch

an up close of the heavy mulch

Autumn, cat in straw

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