still producing produce for you!

Can you believe this weather? Wow El Nino, wow!

I do not hear much complaining about the weather this winter! The last few have been fairly harsh: early, late, and long. This late fall / early winter have been very, very mild for us here.

This long mild stretch has allowed me to harvest once, often twice per week all through November and into December. Our variety is running thin now, because never did I intend to plant enough to sustain an additional two months of harvests!

The cold hardy plants are just at a flavorful prime, so good, so sweet, so happy!

Hope you’re enjoying!


we’ve STILL got produce available around town!

(ask for it by name!)

find our produce at Greentree!

and at Hometown Health Foods!

garlic for sale to you

assorted squashes for sale to you

carrots for sale to you

brussels sprouts fall 2012

beets and beets and more good beets

a few friendly reminders

2015 CSA survey

(I received one survey at the beginning of the following season,

don’t worry, it’s never too late!)

November Farm Photos

(I’ve not been doing a lot of photo-ing in December!)

Tony’s Farm Photos

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