Swier Family Farm CSA 2016 – Sign Ups & Payments

full share veggie crates ready for you

 here’s our 2016 CSA Brochure

(click on it)


here’s a single paged sign-up and payment form

(click on it)

Swier Family CSA 2016 Sign Up and Payment

sign ups, payments, deadline

cured garlic - ready for you! eggs not yet washed! pigs on pasture 2013swier family shiitakeDSCN6799

here is a collection of links to our website, helping to further explain some of what we do and how we do it:

our csa adventure

crate mate

Last year scholarship share donations helped 4 other families receive good food!

scholarship share

pastured pork

pastured eggs



a photo collage of our farm and farming!

2 thoughts on “Swier Family Farm CSA 2016 – Sign Ups & Payments

  1. Chris, the holiday weekend and vacation threw me off, I totally missed Tuesday’s pick up. Any possibility of picking up my share on Thursday? If you don’t get this in time or that is not possible, no worries. Just thought I would take a chance and ask!

    • hello Cyndi~

      I could re-harvest Thursday, and bring you a fresh half to downtown Remus (hometown health foods, on the south side of M-20, shortly passed the light where the 20 and the 66 meet). Your crate would be there between 4:45 and 6pm. If you’d like that to happen please give me a phone call, tel#989-382-5436. I am at my parents house right now, so you’ll have to leave a message if you do not catch me. Thanks, chris

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