another couple new varieties to us this season

Some years we receive free sample seed from our seed suppliers. “Dear Grower, You are receiving this FREE sample based on items you ordered. Some of our favorite new items compliment your current favorites, and we want to bring them to your attention…”

awesome, bring ’em on

Maybe it’s because we purchased somewhere around 10 different types of lettuces. ( My seed orders are at home and I am not, so it’s an approximation). They thought we might like to try one more:

Auvona (Open-Heart Romaine)


This Murdoc cabbage sounds cool. Sent to us because we’ve already grown Kaitlin. This is how Johnny’s describes the Murdoc (another favorite supplier, Fedco Seeds somewhere along the line had described a cabbage variety as “…not a pointy-headed intellectual…” I’m not intellectual enough, apparently, to know what a “pointy-headed intellectual” is, but I thought the description was kind of funny and, obviously, it stuck in my garden variety head ever since) :

“Large, pointed cabbage for sauerkraut and slaw.

Murdoc’s large heads average 7-8 lb., and are packed with very tender and flavorful leaves. It is especially suited for Weisskraut, a Bavarian specialty which is mild and more tender than typical sauerkraut. It also excellent for cole slaws, stir fries, and sautés.”



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