Vegetable Plants for Your Garden!


starts/transplants for sale to you!


we do have garden plants for sale

$0.30 each

or $10/flat (36 plants)

you buy some of these

(these are Czech Black and Jalapeno hot peppers)

czech blzck hot pepper, starts or transplants, May 2015

you do some of this

(that’s Sirah, getting ready to plant!)

Sirah the "planting machine"

you’ll get some of these!

czech black & jalapeno hot peppers

we have a large variety of plants

transplants or starts 2015

they’re in “deep six” containers

very large, deep soil plugs

"deep six" transplants 2014

let us know what you’d like,

we’ll set you up!


broc in germ hh , under rowcover April 2016transplants in germ hoophouse 2015swiss chard starts or transplants May 2015squash emerging May 2015lettuce starts or transplants May 2015cabbage and lettuce transplants 2015starts or transplants 2015hoophouse with starts/transplants 2014starts and transplants 2014starts/transplants hardening off 2013the tally before the planting

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