it’s a good thing!

this is the sun rising the other day

sunrising May 2016

Today’s a rainy day. So I’ve been taking care of some book and computer work this morning. This afternoon I’ll be onto “jumping up” seedlings into larger containers. This work will be in our germination hoophouse.

broc in germ hh , under rowcover April 2016

We do have starts /transplants for sale, if you’d like to exercise your green thumb!

The other day I was rototilling in our back garden. We still have remnant stalks of brussels sprouts. Also abundant self-seeded parsley (from last years parsley crop going to seed!).

flat leaf, or Italian parsley 2014brussels sprouts fall 2012

Brussels sprouts are generally a very late season crop. Most agree that after a couple of light frosts the taste deepens and sweetens (some don’t like them no matter how many frosts! Brussels sprouts seem to elicit very strong reactions from people. This is not a middle-of-the-road crop for most.) We harvested Brussels sprouts last season on up until Christmas. It was a long, mild fall into winter. Nice harvesting weather for the very cold hardy crops.

The parsley went to seed during and after we were harvesting it. Nicely self-seeding a fairly good patch across a few beds in the back gardens.

As I’m rototilling along I’m just breathing and smelling such an assortment of smells!

First I can literally smell brussels sprouts as strong as the day they were harvested. Loud and clear!

Then, Parsley. So crisp, clean. Also loud and clear!

I consider this

a very good thing!


just a few reminders

We do have room remaining in our CSA. And we are looking for additional CSA members this season. We do appreciate all your help spreading the word. Thanks for passing this post on!

Word-of-mouth has always been our strongest, most reliable outreach. Your spreading the word to “your people” has gained us many new and faithful members. We’d like to extend a direct and personal thanks to Marc and Wendy. They’re trying to help us wrangle up 10 Canadian Lakes residents to help us justify a delivery site closer to their home. A win-win for all of us! Thanks again to Marc and Wendy for being some marketing angels for us.

~ Chris Swier

full share veggie crates ready for you

 here’s our 2016 CSA Brochure

(click on it)


here’s a single paged sign-up and payment form

(click on it)

Swier Family CSA 2016 Sign Up and Payment

sign ups, payments, deadline

cured garlic - ready for you! eggs not yet washed! pigs on pasture 2013swier family shiitakeDSCN6799

here is a collection of links to our website, helping to further explain some of what we do and how we do it:

our csa adventure

crate mate

Last year scholarship share donations helped 4 other families receive good food!

scholarship share

pay with your MI SNAP/EBT Card

pastured pork

pastured eggs



a photo collage of our farm and farming!

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