scholarship share!


thank you!


we’re very excited to announce:

with your generous help

we’ve already raised


towards the “scholarship shares“!


Last year scholarship share donations helped 4 families receive good food!

if you’re wondering what ‘scholarship shares‘ are, click right here!

thank you!

just a few reminders!


We are looking for additional CSA members this season.

We appreciate all your help spreading the word.

Thank you for passing this post on!


Your CSA Start Dates

full share veggie crates ready for you

 here’s our 2016 CSA Brochure

(click on it)



here’s a single paged sign-up and payment form

(click on it)

Swier Family CSA 2016 Sign Up and Payment

sign ups, payments, deadline


cured garlic - ready for you! eggs not yet washed! pigs on pasture 2013swier family shiitakeDSCN6799

here is a collection of links to our website, helping to further explain some of what we do and how we do it:

Your CSA Start Dates


our csa adventure

crate mate

Last year scholarship share donations helped 4 other families receive good food!

scholarship share

pay with your MI SNAP/EBT Card

pastured pork

pastured eggs



a photo collage of our farm and farming!

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