Harvest 1: June 21st and 23rd, 2016

we’re always looking for YOUR recipes, please send them our way!

thank you!

this is a full share for this week

full share June 21, 2016

in your crate

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garlic scapes


head lettuce

happy rich

happy rich happy rich 2014

peas, snap and snow

lettuce mix (bagged)


kales and chard

triticale (ornamental) bundle

triticale, cover crop

Our Organic Valley farming friends, Terry and Polly, have started in on triticale, and we are too! We planted this as a cover crop last fall. It begins growth one year, comfortably overwinters, and then grows more and matures the “second” year. Well, this is our second year! (Much like rye, which we have used extensively and successfully in the past).

We used triticale as a cover crop. The cover cropping helps greatly to build soil organic matter and tilth. What we usually tend toward are hearty and forgiving cover crops – always growing pretty well no matter what. This progressively adds more and more organic material to the soils. This builds soils stronger, adding and making more available minerals and nutrients (by the way, we’ve also cover cropped and green manured with buckwheat, sunflowers, rye, oats, radish, peas, clover and triticale).

tritical 2016

We work to grow soils. We work to feed soils. We grow your food in these soils. You are eating from these soils! What a cycle!

The triticale bundle we gave you is simply meant to be a dry ornamental.

We thought it’s be nice to share some of the backbone of our sustainable farming practices with you. Just for fun, for whimsy, for a conversation piece, food for thought, and for your enjoyment.

The triticale bundle will dry down to a beautiful golden brown. This is our rye bundle from 2012. The picture was taken in 2013. It looks much the same still today, in 2016.

our 2012 bundle of rye, in June 2013



The happy rich got a bit away from us this June. Usually it’d look something like this:

happy rich 2014 happy rich

If I had my camera with me now I could show you a photo of what it looks like now. But I don’t. You saw it in your crate though. This was the conversation piece at the curbside deliveries this week!

“What are those white flowers??”

That’s your happy rich flowering.

Happy Rich” (sweet broccoli flavor). Talk about things that dreams are made of: Happiness, Prosperity… I mean, one or the other is fantastic, but both at once! Dreamy! And with a sweet broccoli flavor nonetheless. Wow!

You can (and should) eat the stem, the heads, and (this week) the flowers! It’s all edible. It’s all good!

The happy rich we have now is much, much more slender that years past. The stems are so delicious and tender. If you find that the lowest portion of the stems are woody (or stringy), please just trim that away. We cut them pretty short, trimming away the lowest reaches of the shoots.

The slender shoots do remind me of asparagus in some ways (though maybe not flavor wise).

not your great aunt’s next door neighbor’s salad spinner anymore

"salad spinner"

waving hand!

If you want to communicate with me, or us, do! Feel free to reach out to us, or your CSA community. You can reach me by email, phone #989-382-5436, this website, facebook , or at your pick-up site (throughout the harvest season I am on the computer somewhat rarely (often just once per week) and randomly (though usually Wednesdays)).  I know, the curbside can be hectic. It might take effort to “grab me” through the flurry – but please do! I know many of you, and I look forward to meeting and knowing all of you better. I do look forward to deliveries, and to the interactions – don’t be too shy!

Do search this site. There is a “search” box. Look in the upper right hand corner. There are three horizontal and parallel lines. Click on them. A search box feature will pop up. There is also a veggie i.d., if you’re confused about what you’ve got in your hand, or bag, or crate.


“I read recipes the same way I read science fiction. I get to the end and I think, “Well, that’s not going to happen.”

from Farmer John’s Cookbook


Please, please share your recipe ideas with us all. It is absolutely necessary that we enjoy this food, of course! Help us all through this process, please. Share your recipes – let us know what works well for you, for your kids, and, of course, for your spouse too. And dinner guests, potlucks, etc. Share your trials, successes, and don’t be shy about “flops”. Oh well. Recipe sharing really is a great contribution to us all.



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