Harvest 2 : June 28th & 30th, 2016


this is a full share for this week

full share June 21, 2016

in your crate

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garlic scapes


head lettuce

happy rich

happy rich happy rich 2014

peas, snap and snow

salad mix (bagged)

kales and chard

full shares only: kohlrabi

I still have a bit of a hard time letting go of control of the food. One delivery day a shareholder picked up her food. She placed the whole crate in the hatchback of her car. Right beneath the big glass window.

“Well, I’m gonna go run to Meijer real quick”, she said, beaming.

It was that summer, 5 ago maybe, where we had long, steady, straight stretches of such record setting heat. I just looked at that crate of freshly harvested produce sitting so innocently in the back window of her hatchback. I saw it sitting in the blazing sun of a wide open Meijer parking lot. Ouch. I had to let go.

We do our best to deliver your food to you as fresh and perky as possible. This can be a challenge for sure, especially when the night to day temperatures may vary 30+ degrees. Usually when the heat is at its most intense, we do bag more of your loose greens. The plastic bagging does help. Get them to the fridge asap. If you find you need to re-hydrate your greens, feel free. Lots of fresh, cool water in a clean sink. Presto.

and don’t forget to…. 

remember about your salad spinner

"salad spinner"

The first pick up of your CSA produce is often the hardest to remember. It seems to kind of come out of the blue. It seems to creep right up on some of us. It’s a new and different way to spend a Tuesday or Thursday evening – something else to remember. I know.

We’ve begun harvest now and we’ll continue each and every week until October 18th and October 20th, for a total of 18 weeks.

We usually harvest just twice per week : Tuesdays and Thursdays. We do not have refrigeration adequate to hold crates. It’s fresh, daily.

If you are unable to pick up your crate on your day, please ask a friend, a neighbor, a family member to pick it up for you. Or ask another CSA shareholder to pick it up for you. No problem. They’ll grab it for you. It’ll be there for you. No problem.

What happens when you forget about your crate?


I donate it. Often before I’m home from delivery, I’ve donated it. I know a number of people who will use the food up. Who will make full use of the food. But who are not in our CSA.

(We do not have refrigerator space adequate to hold crates).

I know that the absolutely unexpected can happen sometimes. I know. As one CSA friend wrote to us, “It can happen to anyone.  Flat tire, kids are making you crazy and you just forget, or some loose scapes trip you up, you bang your head and you lose consciousness for a few hours.” (He’s a professor at CMU, I suppose he’s heard it all by now??)

Usually the best I can do is to harvest for you the next harvest day. You must call me.

thank you!


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