give peas a chance (and scapes too)

garlic scapes

scapes with their swan necks garlic scapes, June 2014 garlic scapes in field June 21 2013 garlic scape photo

I know, I know, “soooo many scapes Chris!”

I’d count this as a good issue to be facing. Straight on. Head on. Eyes wide open.

There have been many scapes in your crates. These are our early garlic essence: local, organic, seasonal. They come on strong, fast and furious in the field. We’ve got to grab them while we can. Because they will be absolutely gone within weeks (maybe too long to wait for some of you!?).

We have people requesting extra scapes. We have some to many people who eat that batch of scapes within one meal, sometimes two. I tell you what, you roast or pan fry those scapes, get them nice and carmelized, they will be eaten up by your family like a pile of green beans would!

They will keep in your fridge, bagged and in the produce drawer almost indefinitely. With the scapes I’m just going to remind you:

try, try again!

(that’s a hyperlink, click on it to read more)

I’ll just summarize that hyperlinked post:

I know that some foods just flat out do not work for some people. I get it.

I do think you gotta give the unfamiliar, or your least favorites, many chances. At least three.




Prepare it differently each time. Try it another way.

Tweak and/or perfect the recipe.

Give ’em one more chance.

Chat the challenges up at your CSA pick-up. Pick some brains.

See our recipe page.

Host a CSA potluck!

And, of course,

Give ’em one more chance!



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