harvest four : July 12 & 14, 2016

this is a full share this week (many, many bags of goodies!)

full share July 12, 2016

in your crate

garlic scapes

carrots (yours are cleaner)

crazy carrots!

head lettuce

happy rich and broccoli

happy rich happy rich 2014

peas, snap or snow

lettuce mix

lacinato kale and chard

chinese cabbage

chinese cabbage

full shares only: kohlrabi

share crate: head lettuce, kale, chard, chinese cabbage, broccoli, peas, kohlrabi

share crate July 12, 2016


to see some of Tony’s farm photos

to see some June into July farm photos


 (For a CSA of our scale, most individualization might best be handled with a grab crate/trade crate/ community crate/share crate. These have been orange crates, or black crates with orange flagging tape tied around the handles and labelled share crate. We bait the crate with some extras, or maybe a few early or late-coming veggies (of which we do not have enough to stock each shareholders crate). CSA shareholders are welcome to Grab from the crate, or Trade with the crate (say trade your tomatoes for the kohlrabi in the crate (go figure)), or just Donate to the crate your least favorite whatever it is. It’s one way for You to individualize Your crate.)


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