garlic harvest party 2016!!

Our 12th Annual Garlic Harvest Party was fantastic!

Much thanks to each and every one of you who made this so successful. The strong showing was heart-warming for us. Once again this proved to be a fun and productive day, pulling us closer in community.

We had a very happy and hard-working group rallying together around the garlic. The many generous and so-enjoyable people made this event something memorable and special to us.

The potluck once again proved absolutely delightful. We all sat down very hungry, but none of us left the table until we were good and filled with many splendid foods. There was too much to try it all! Wow! Thank you for all that sharing!

Thanks again for your generous outpouring of willingness and effort on this day. We were so pleased to see so many of you again and to get to know you each a bit better by the end of the day.


pulling garlic 2016 pulling garlic from the field 2016 Nicki and Amy pulling garlic 2016




some of the garlic harvest party potluck spread 2016 part of the potluck spread 2016 satisfying the appetite 2016



lots of wonderful helpers 2016 Ila working the garlic 2016 Cassandra helping so well 2016


to see some more great photos click

garlic harvest party

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