Nameko Mushroom: (hopefully) coming this fall!!

We have offered a separate, stand alone mushroom option. This has usually (though not always) been enjoyed by people receiving veggies from us as well.


we most often offer shiitake


occasionally oysters

oyster mushrooms growing from totem

Last year I inoculated Nameko mushrooms into cherry logs (it takes 1 year to fully colonize a log). We cleared some cherry trees to make room for our new deer fence. We made use of some of the cherry wood for mushroom medium, and some of the cherry wood for firewood.

(this image is clipped from the net (not our photo))


We’ve never grown Nameko before. It’s brand new to us.

So what will it do?

Will it behave as expected?

Will it be successful?


(again, not one of our photos, just a clip from the web)


We will not know until this fall!

Much like many of the undertakings we engage in here on the farm; the new approaches, new techniques, new varieties, changes all take time to see results. (Slow motion experiments!)


(clipped from the net (not from our farm YET!))


to read more about Nameko, click


or here

or here

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