harvest fifteen: September 27 and 29, 2016

in your crate

brussels sprouts


cherish the final tomatoes late Oct 2015 indigo rose tomatoes Harvest # 18 2014

some of the variety of tomatoes we have this year (2016) a variety of the tomatoes we have this 2016 season

broccoli or happy rich

peppers (sweet and hot)

green peppers assorted peppers

head lettuce


swier family farm garlic


salad mix

salad mix april 2014

winter squash

storage cabbage

“I will never forget the smell of cutting into a fresh cabbage!” (from a CSA shareholder evaluation in 2012!)

storage cabbages, oct 2012


(put kale in your smoothies!)

share crate: all of the above!



Full Shares Only: eggplant



click to see:

some great photos of the farm by Jack

some great photos of the farm by Tony

September photos of the Farm


Nameko is happening!  It’s a “natural fruiting” mushroom, meaning that it fruits naturally, when the conditions are prime for it!

Well, conditions are getting ever more prime. They’re pinning up small and slight on many of the cherry wood logs. I’ll keep my eyes peeled and we can hope together that they’ll fruit at a time that makes your delivery day!


Look for the brown bags, they’re filled with delicious mushrooms!

mushroom CSA shares May 15 2014

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