harvest eighteen : October 18 & 20, 2016

Tony’s Halloween Creation!


in your crate

brussels sprouts

red russian kale


peppers (sweet and hot)

head lettuce


green beans (in October!)



broccoli or Happy Rich

salad mix

salad mix april 2014

Full Shares Only:

winter squash

SunFlowers (in October?!)


share crate: all of the above! plus eggplant! storage cabbage, beets.

click to see:

some great photos of the farm by Jack

some great photos of the farm by Tony

October Photos of the Farm

This is our final week of CSA deliveries.

Time to stock up!

At your delivery site we will have extra:

Eggs: $5/dozen.
Nameko and/or Shiitake mushrooms: $10 per 3/4 pound
Field Garlic: $7/pound
Premium Garlic: $9/pound

Enjoy and Eat Well!


thank you,

Chris Swier


eggs to be gathered! nameko-mushroom many-shiitakes-blooming-on-log field select garlic premium garlic

*note: the prices on garlic have risen since the photos, thanks for your understanding!

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