Thank You!!

Thank you to our fabulous CSA community. You are wonderful!

thank you!

Thank you for all your generosity with the Scholarship Share! We are in awe of your incredible outpouring of concern, action, and generosity.


thank you to my dear family

for all the help and support they contributed this season!

my girls 2016

thank you to Tony and Tom

for all their great help and good cheer!


thank you to our CSA community for coming together

for the Garlic Harvest Party!

the garlic clipping crew 2016

If you have not already,

please do spend 5-10 minutes on

this year’s CSA evaluation/survey,

just click



Thank you to the many who took part, “endured” and enjoyed the Vegetables, Flowers, Mushrooms, and Eggs. Thanks to the many who bought “extras” at your delivery site. Thank you for all your praise and enthusiasm as well!


10-04-16-full-csa-crate DSCN6227 DSCN7203


I appreciate the many early and helping hands to unload the delivery van of CSA crates. Thank you!

crates/flowers in van, ready for delivery to you!

Thanks to the many of you who hung out some and visited with me at the delivery sites. This is truly a weekly high point for me. I also greatly appreciate the talk and sharing that happens as you all collect, “commiserate”, and communicate about your CSA foods. The food community builds in this way.

Thanks to the many who shared recipes. Yummy! And to the many who participated on our blog and/or facebook.

And thank you for all the words and signs of encouragement so generously given, again and again.


It seems this was the the year of the cabbage for us!

new yourk city kitchen cabbages

cabbage 2013 chinese cabbage

hope you enjoyed

thank you!

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