December Days

the snow got deep when I was a kid


some snow’s predicted in the next day and a half too!

the garlic for 2017’s planted


the irrigation line’s all cleaned up

DSCN4687 dragging irrigation lines

the mushroom’s are in their laying yard,

resting for the winter ahead

DSCN4101 DSCN4100 300-ish shiitake logs innoculated 2014

firewood’s cut and stacked

DSCN3375 some seasoned firewood, Nov 2013 DSCN3369

(I know, not all the pics are this year’s,

you get the gist though)

we have been enjoying some

spectacular salad mix out of the high tunnels

more-mesclun-mix-december-2016 lettuce-in-the-mix-12-2016 mmmmm-mesclun-mix-12-2016 lettuce-mix-12-2016 mesclun-on-your-left-lettuce-mix-on-your-right-12-2016

we do still have some nice garlic for sale

cured garlic - ready for you! garlic dec 2013

field select garlic premium garlic

and some fantastic eggs too

 Ila gathering eggs - Jan 2016 eggs to be gathered!DSCN7203DSCN7417a flock that pastures together, stays together

we’re getting ever more prep-ed for the

winter ahead!


wishing you all the best!

build a snow person while the oven cooks!

build a snow person while the oven cooks

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