Sign-up by March 24th

Much like every CSA, our rationale for your early sign up/payments is this: Our planning and our major expenses usually concentrate from late December through March.

As far as planning: we plan for a certain sized CSA. Your early sign up-payment helps streamline where and how I spend my time. Once mid March hits, my time becomes spread thinner. If I can be well along (better yet, done) with attracting sufficient CSA shareholders, all the better. (This helps calm my nerves, helps settle my inner Nervous Ned). Your early sign up/payment lets me get growing for you!

Frankly: The earlier your sign up/payment the better for you and for us.

We have been dedicated to getting our good food to you. We do have payment plans for our CSA. Just get in touch with me. We have a formal scholarship share too. Your contributions will help bring food to others.

Since our start, we have built our CSA upon this:

This CSA brings you and us, the Farm and the food, together. Our CSA is both a concept and practice. This requires mutual trust, understanding and flexibility. You support stewardship of the farm and food when you buy a share of the upcoming harvest. As partners in community and agriculture, we pledge to share the benefits of abundance and the risks of failure. We will all do our best to nurture this CSA this season.

You have all agreed. We greatly appreciate this.

…You support stewardship of the farm and food when you buy a share of the upcoming harvest…We will all do our best to nurture this CSA this season…

Once our CSA is full to capacity, we are full. We often have a wait list.

We have not rebated for early sign ups. Our share price is accurate as is.

So, yes, to reiterate, the sooner the better for your sign up/payment!

thank you!

Here is a

swier-family-csa-2017-sign-up-and-payment form


here are a collection of links to our website, helping to further explain some of what we do and how we do it:

our csa adventure

Last year scholarship share donations helped 5 other families receive good food!

scholarship share


pastured pork


pastured eggs


a photo collage of our farm and farming!

To Contact Us:

Chris and Kate Swier

640 18 Mile Rd

Remus, MI 49340

tel 989-382-5436

also on facebook

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