Garlic For Sale!


we’ve got garlic for sale!


premium garlic: $5.00 per half pound (approx 5 heads)

both the heads and bulbs are large and gorgeous.

field select garlic: $4.00 per half pound (approx 8 heads)

the heads and bulbs are slightly smaller (than our premium garlic), equally gorgeous.


This garlic has been hand-selected, sorted, and cleaned. The heads and cloves are gorgeous, delicious, and long-storing.


My parents must have ideal garlic storage right in their kitchen. They have last year’s garlic on their counter, still sound, solid, and tasty. Another friend stored our garlic in a plastic bag in the refrigerator crisper drawer for 9 months.

We spend some time and make a big batch of minced garlic all at once. (The only forewarning about this technique: you will find that you and your family eat more garlic than ever, because it’s so easy to use!)


To Mince Garlic

Peel the individual garlic cloves. Check out this unbelievable peeling technique. (I have heard (and found) mixed results with that technique when using super fresh garlic. (Try it for yourself and let me know what you find). The older, drier and looser the skins the better for this technique. A jar with a screw on lid is much easier to handle than two pots, by the way).

Add cloves and begin grinding in your food processor.

Watch closely, add only enough olive oil to allow the slurry to grind.

Scoop the garlic out  into small glass jars. Fill them up good and high. Top off with another little pour of olive oil. (Kate does not top off with oil. Her batches are chunkier and drier. And so perfectly tasty!) Screw on the caps.  Place one jar in the fridge, for use.

All others, freeze until the jar in the fridge is gone and you need more. (Frozen, the garlic has kept well over one year.) Take out one jar at a time.

(Contact me,,  if you need more garlic for the next batch!)




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