Shiitake For Sale to You!

shiitake for you!

$13 for 2 half pound deliveries.

$26 for 2 one pound deliveries.


**we have delivery sites in Big Rapids, Mt. Pleasant, Midland, and Remus**

(one delivery per week, for two week increments)

Let’s go in two week increments, that feels safe and conservative for me, as the producer. Right now I could fairly safely say we can go longer, but let’s go easy step-by-step. Some things are a little different this season than others, and I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself (don’t count your eggs before hatching, that sort of thing….)


If you are up for more, please simply send me an email msg saying “yes!”. As an additional request, if you could, send me your favorite way to enjoy your mushrooms. I’d really love to hear the myriad ways you enjoy them, and I’d like to share your ideas with others too.


What I’d like to do is this…. Hold off on paying me now. If you extend 2 weeks, I’ll charge you later. If you extend 4 weeks, I’ll charge you later. Etc. etc. I just want to simplify and streamline the billing and payments.


I really want to thank the many CSA’s on who’s shoulders we’ve stood this season. We are ever thankful for their strong, nourishing connections to you. And for sharing those with us.


thanks so much!

Chris Swier
640 18 Mile Rd
Remus, MI 49340
tel 989-382-5436

to see, click:


september farm photos

to purchase garlic



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