4/30/2018 this lone dandelion bloomed right up against our house

(which gave it an added level of protection and a slight warming advantage being against the heat-sink of the concrete foundation)


One sign or signal or symptom of weather growing warmer is the blooming of dandelions.

One rule of thumb, “Plant potatoes when you see the dandelions bloom.”

A second, “Split your bee hives when you see the dandelions bloom.”

Noticing the dandelions blooming is like a canary in the coal mine, but in a good way!


5-2-2018 this dandelion, and a few others bloomed out in the yard


The days are longer, the sun’s rays more intense, the nectar’s flowing, pollen’s out, the soil warms… The dandelions blooming signal some of this happening.

I’ve kept a rough log of dandelions blooming through the year. Rough because it depends greatly on my NoticingSome dandelions bloom sooner than others, maybe site or exposure dependent…. Then a more general, widespread blooming occurs elsewhere. So what did I notice when?


Here’s part of my log… I’ve still not found the date for 2013… or 2017 (??)… oh well…

4/28/09 dandelions bloomed

4/13/10 dandelions bloomed

5/01/11 dandelions bloomed

4/5/12 dandelions bloomed

5/3/2014 dandelions bloomed

4/29/2015 dandelions bloomed

4/20/2016 dandelions bloomed

5/2/2018 dandelions bloomed

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