Our Newest Offering : The Market Member

Our Newest Offering : The Market Member

This Market Membership allows you to purchase according to your schedule and your needs, flexibly. You purchase the vegetables (or flowers or pork or mushrooms or garlic or put money toward the scholarship share!) that you want, when you want them, and we deduct from your Market Member credit.

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We have been producing food and flowers since 2003. In this length of time our family has grown and changed. As has yours. We have seen families go from no kids to four kids; from young children to teens; from three teens at home to empty nests. We have seen couples retire and split their time, seeking to be nearer to out-of-state family. All of these life changes affect your food choices.

Our most common CSA shareholder is an educator with children in school. Extended  vacations and family getaways most often happen in the midst of the traditional harvest season. People are often in and out of town throughout the summer.

And yet, with all these changes through time, and all these family getaways, your deep commitment to the CSA concept and practice remains steadfast. You still want to participate as fully as possible, it’s just that life is happening simultaneously.

This CSA brings you and us, the Farm and the food, together. You support stewardship of the farm and food when you buy a share of the upcoming harvest. As partners in community and agriculture we pledge to share the benefits of abundance and the risks of failure. We will all do our best to nurture this CSA this season.

The CSA model has been tweaked and morphed and updated through time. Much of this has been for the sake of shareholder convenience and value, both very good things. We’ve incorporated many new and different practices into our CSA as well – such as the “Share Crate”, the “Half Share”, “Share Your Share”, social media….

And now we’d like to introduce another not original idea:

The Market Member.

The Market Member is for those of you who have the deep commitment to much of what makes CSA unique and valuable. It’s a great way to be on board from the get go, to be part of the process. You can help support us and the farm through early sign-ups and payments. You communicate your commitment to our good food and the growing of it. You communicate your commitment to nurture this farm this year. And we know to plan on you being there when you can when the bounty comes.

Many of our most expensive months fall in the winter time. We are purchasing seeds, minerals, amendments, supplies, equipment, and tools very early each year. We have one annual tractor payment in April. You help support stewardship of the farm and food when you buy into the upcoming harvest.

Through your market membership you will buy your produce “up front” at a discounted rate (lower, but much like the weekly CSA share), getting more value for your every dollar.  We will add 10% to your Market Member investment.

The minimum Market Member investment will be $100 (you will then receive $110 in credit). You can then spend this money on any in-season produce available at our Farmer’s Market stands, or on select cuts of frozen, pastured pork available (even now!). We will keep track of your balance and keep you in the loop, of course!






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