Your Veggie CSA Full Share Samples Through The Years

For 19 weeks, June through October, you receive a 5-20# assortment of fresh vegetables and occasional flowers. This is approximately 1-3+ grocery bags worth. the quantity and variety will vary seasonally.

For a few other actual examples of our Veggie CSA Full Shares click: here or here or here or here or here!



sample August Veggie  CSA Full Share 

moosles sticker 8-2018

in your crate

1# green beans

4 heads garlic


1/2# salad mix

3 cucumbers

2 zucchini – summer squash

1 melon!

2 1/3 pounds mixed tomatoes

1 storage cabbage 

mucho sunflowers!





2 Sweet Colored Peppers

1 Chinese Cabbage




sample September Veggie CSA Full Share


in your crate

basil in field

3/4# basil is very delicate – enjoy asap!

3/4# edamame

edamame, ready for you! late Aug 2012edamame

3 1/3# tomatoes!

cherish the final tomatoes late Oct 2015 indigo rose tomatoes Harvest # 18 2014

some of the variety of tomatoes we have this year (2016) a variety of the tomatoes we have this 2016 season

2 heads broccoli

1# radish

3 peppers

green peppers assorted peppers

1/2# parsley

1 chinese cabbage

1 head lettuce

1/2# greens mix (bagged)

4 garlic

swier family farm garlic

1 1/2# carrots

1 spaghetti squash

spaghetti winter squash


share crate: all of the above! and eggplant,  summer squash and zucchini

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