20% Off Pastured Pork Select Cuts

20% Off  All Pastured Pork Select Cuts

Now Through March 25, 2019 

(sale prices are listed below)

This is Your Chance to Stock Your Freezer!

These cuts will be sold first-come-first-serve.

Place your order directly with us and we will arrange delivery (likely on a Friday evening).


pigs June 2017

We pasture our pigs, rotating to new and fresh greens, in season. We supplement these seasonal green pastures with Graham’s Certified Organic Swine feed.  This is a balanced feed with energy, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

pigs with pea plants 2015


These are very healthy, very active, super energetic animals. We provide plenty of space for all sorts of exercise and pig antics. These are happy, absolutely exceptional animals with fabulous taste.


These animals have been USDA processed, vacuum packed, and flash froze.

pigs eat grass clippings


Please place your orders directly with us.

**Bacon $9.60  (1 pound package)

**Canadian Bacon $9.60 (1 pound package)

**Cottage Bacon $9.60 (1 pound package)

**Smoked Hocks $5.60 per pound (1-2 pounds each) sold out!

**Ham Steaks $7.20 per pound (variety of sizes) sold out!

** No Nitrates or Nitrites added except those naturally in celery powder.

Spare Ribs $5.60 per pound (approx. 1 pound per) a few remaining!

Rendered Lard $9 per quart, $5.20 per pint

Tenderloin $11.20 per pound (approx. 3/4 pounds each) one remaining!

Pork Chops $8.80 per pound (1″ thick cut, package of two)

Ground Sausage $6.80 per pound (1 pound packages)

Ground Pork $6.40 per pound (1 pound package)

Sweet Italian Bratwurst $8 per pound (4 brats per 1 pound package)

Hot Italian Bratwurst $10 per pound (4 brats per 1 pound package) sold out!

Regular Bratwurst $8 per pound (4 brats per 1 pound package)

Pork Roast $6.40 per pound (approx. 3 pounds each)

Loin Roast $8 per pound (approx.  4 pounds each)

Pork Steaks $6.4 per pound  sold out!

pigs on pasture 2013

thank you!

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