Fall into Winter into Spring

The “off-season” has been far from “off”. I found that almost every single butcher shop for a 50-mile radius had openings for an experienced meat cutter (anywhere from occasional, to part-time, to seasonal, on up). So I worked cutting meat once again “until it gets slow”. For better or worse, it got slow sooner than expected. So now I’ve been substitute teaching to fill in some gaps.

I have done some nice reading too, may I recommend:

As Bill McKibben wrote of Simran Sethi’s book, “A powerful reminder that we can eat in ways that don’t cause damage to the planet, or its poorest people — and that can delight us, not just fill us up.” And Deepak Chokra says, a “…passionate book on food and biodiversity that reminds us how healing food can be. The world is our plate.”

Heady stuff that many of us are thinking about often. And that we are consciously and intentionally engaging in, in part, through support of local farms and food – in our food choices and purchases. And it can be tasty and delicious too!

Also this winter we’ve been brewing Kombucha again, sometimes with chia!

Marilyn from Mt. Pleasant gifted us a kombucha started kit last October. We’ve been drinking up and expanding out scoby’s and sharing them around

(let us know if you’d like one (or two!))

The harvest season largely wrapped up in early November. I had completed a thorough harvest of the varied leafy greens in the hoophouses, leaving the plants in place until light and temps combine once again to permit re-growth. While the coldest hardy crops (spinach, carrots, salad mixes, greens mixes) do experience some level of winter growth, most actual growing takes place in the fall. The “tops” are harvested, while the roots are left (to re-sprout). I had a complete seeding of carrots which germinated nicely and grew some, but never did quite size up for a decent harvest carrot. My hopes are high that we will taste delicious carrots, and varied greens early this season (having overwintered). All of this I covered with row cover within our hoophouses, awaiting fairer weather. We’re getting closer to “fairer weather”!

The days are noticeably longer, the sun noticeably warmer. These are welcome signs. The last two months of harsh winter weather will fade into memory. And the history books. Our girls have missed 22 days due to weather (dangerous driving, mostly). We may still gain (lose?) one or more days due to ice or fog.

(**many of these offerings are hyperlinked, please click on them for more details**)

In 2019 we will again have our full selection of CSA offerings; including Full Veggie CSA Shares, Half Veggie CSA Shares, Share-Your-Share Veggie Shares, Scholarship Shares, Garlic Shares, and Mushroom Shares. We also have pastured pork, frozen select cuts NOW, and halves or wholes which will be ready for you come June-July.

A new offering in 2019 is our Market Member Share. The Market Membership allows you to shop according to your schedule and your needs, flexibly. You purchase the vegetables (or flowers or pork or mushrooms or garlic or put money toward the scholarship share!) that you want, when you want them, and we deduct from your Market Member credit.

We do have limited availability on these offers, so please do let your wishes be known sooner rather than later. If you sign-up and pay for a CSA Veggie Share by March 31, we’ll throw in a seasonal mushroom sampler as a token of thanks.

Click HERE for our sign-up and payment form

As we embark upon our 16th season, we feel very graciously blessed to work with you and your food. Our combined efforts and involvement make for a fine web of food, farms, connection, community, knowledge, and enjoyment.


To see some photo collages of the farm 

Please click here or here


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