Pastured Pork For You!


We have our farm-born-and-raised pastured pork available. Our pigs, pastures, and feed are organic. We have select cuts available now, and we have half and whole pigs available early this summer.


There are all sorts of details below (especially contained in the hyperlinks). Any questions, or to place an order, please contact us directly.

thank you!


pigs June 2017


We rotationally pasture our pigs, providing new and fresh pastures (in season). We supplement these green pastures with Graham’s Certified Organic Swine feed.  This is a balanced feed with energy, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

These are very healthy, very active, super energetic animals. We provide plenty of space for all sorts of exercise and pig antics. These are happy, absolutely exceptional animals with fabulous taste.


pigs on pasture 2013

for select cuts,

please click HERE

We have flash frozen, USDA processed, select cuts of pork available immediately.


pigs eat grass clippings


for a half or whole pig,

please click HERE

We will have half and whole orders available in early summer.



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