Vegetable Plants For Your Garden

We’ve got plentiful organic, raised-by-us, vegetable plants for YOUR garden.

Ready when you are.


transplants in germ hoophouse 2015

11 varieties of Tomatoes

11 varieties of Peppers

5 varieties of Eggplant

5 varieties of Winter Squash

5 varieties of Summer Squash

4 varieties of Broccoli

4 varieties of Cabbage

4 varieties of Head Lettuce

4 varieties of Kale

*we will have others as the season progresses, please check with us


starts march 2013

These starts or transplants are hardy, sturdy, healthy and full of vitality.

These are the same plants we plant.

flats of starts 4-2018

we raise our starts in “deep sixes” with an organic soil blend-by-us, allowing for ample root development and space


$0.45 per plant

mix and match

as available



Contact us directly and we can talk varieties, you can place your order, and we can arrange a delivery date


Or, contact us directly, schedule a date and time, and come on out and shop for your garden.






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