Scholarship Share 2019 – Update!

Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.”

Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

with your generous support

in 2019

we have already raised


toward the scholarship fund!

This has already helped 6 families receive good food! In 2018, your generous contributions helped 4 families receive our good food. In 2017, you helped 8 families. In 2016, 4 families were helped. In 2015, 2 families!

Since our start in 2003 we have quietly provided scholarship shares (CSA shares underwritten by the financial support of others). Up to a few years past, Kate and I have done the underwriting.

In conversations with many of you, we’ve wondered aloud how to get more of our food to the wider world. Turns out, there is a great willingness to help underwrite scholarship shares. (Of course! We have an incredible, inspiring, generous collection of people in our CSA community!)

So, we’ve formalized the process and opened it up to you. This is a very direct, immediate, local method of reaching out. You can now help provide the freshest and most nutrient dense foods available.

You may help identify recipients. Recipients must have the willingness to engage in the CSA process, and need.

We do have families plugging away on their CSA payment plans, trying to make it work with their budgets. Any one of them would be greatly surprised, overjoyed, and thankful to receive any help with their payments. If you’d like to chip in, there is still need.

Earmark your donation as “scholarship fund”. We’ll keep a running tally, and keep you updated. We’ll gladly recognize your contribution publicly, if you so choose.

We feel this is a valuable and necessary part of our farm and food community. And we greatly appreciate  your thoughtfulness and consideration. Your generosity is truly awe inspiring. Thank you.

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