Harvest Four – July 10, 2019 – CSA Veggie Harvest

in your crate

garlic scapes

head lettuce

broccoli raab 






full shares only: French breakfast radish

*many of the veggies are hyperlinked, click on them for pictures, usage, storage, and/or recipes


Herb’s Week:  

To dehydrate your many herbs: You can use a legit dehydrator, of course. Or you can use your oven. Set the temp as low as it’ll go (ours starts at 170 degrees). Turn it on, let it be in there for the pre-heat. Leave the oven on about 5 minutes max. Turn the oven off, leave the herbs in the latent heat. You want to dry the herbs, not bake them. Repeat this process 5 or 6 times over a two day period, or so. Keep checking, making sure you are drying the herbs slowly though thoroughly.

You want to dry them, not bake them. Too dry and into cooking will strip the flavors….

If you are baking, put your not-yet dried herbs in there for the pre-heat, and after you’re done baking your dish – let those herbs dry in the “extra” heat of your oven before and after your main dish. Voila. (You’ll have to do this 5 or 6 times over a couple day period though.)



creamy garlic scape dip recipe

*it’s a hyperlink to the recipe

On Saturday I was given this recipe for garlic scapes. We’ll have garlic scapes another 2-3 weeks. If they ever pile up in your fridge, don’t worry, they keep approximately forever in a bag in your produce drawer; and if necessary you can swallow them up into this great recipe.

We’ll harvest and then cure the garlic heads for a few weeks. After being properly cured you’ll be receiving garlic heads in mid to late August!


And when it’s this hot out, who really wants to cook or eat HOT food!

cooked new potatoes, fresh and raw turnips, broccoli raab, radish, garlic scape, kale, chard, and kohlrabi with a simple mayonnaise dressing

Kate whipped this up the other day, it was soooo good, so tasty, so fresh and refreshing. Really just perfect for this time of year. And also very good leftover, always a huge plus when you’re in a rush!




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