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Swier Family Farm


The Swier Family Farm

CSA Adventure

sample full crate: 10 Oct 2013

Our CSA is an adventure in food, farming, and community. We are all asked to participate in each of these aspects. Some love this adventure, embracing the process thoroughly. This adventure shatters the experience for others. Many of us fall somewhere on this spectrum, not on either far end. Once embarked upon we are in this adventure together.

We are growing and enjoying fresh, local, organic, seasonal foods. To expand and extend the assortments, we add “quirky”, off-the-beaten-path foods. These are often not your common known favorites, not your traditionals. We also plant in many successions. This allows multiple harvests through time. The earliest gardens often repeat later. We are truly expanding the possibility of our locale. We broaden the array of foods, and the array of nutrition we take in. We are broadening our horizons!

An openness to new and sometimes unusual foods…

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